Colleen Faltot

Franchise Owner / Certified Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back & Fit4Baby instructor

Also an IIN Holistic Health Coach & NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer.

My mission is to help as many mamas as I can get and stay fit.

I gained over 70 pounds in my pregnancy with my son Chance and found myself walking around after his birth in a body I didn't even recognize. As soon as I was cleared to workout 6 weeks post partum I would strap Chance in his carrier and workout. My son has never napped in his crib, I could have made a million and one excuses to not make my health and fitness a priority but I knew there was no magic pill to get my pre baby body back. I also felt strongly as my new role as a mom to show my son healthy priorities from the very start. Within 5 months of healthy eating and regular exercise I had lost over 70 pounds and weighed less than I did pre pregnancy! My husband has lost 20lbs in a year from my efforts to clear the "junk" food from our house! And my 15 month old's favorite foods are beets, and avocados. The mother truly sets the tone for the family, be it healthy or not!

It can be so hard as a mother to put ourselves first and make time to workout. Also to put ourselves out there to find a "village" which we all need to be the best mamas we can be! Our needs can get lost way too easily in our day to day live taking care of the kids, house, spouse, pets etc. FIT4MOM is an amazing resource for local mama's to come, get a guilt free workout with your kids by your side, make mama friends and get the support that all mamas need and deserve!

I look forward to touching as many mamas as possible through our village – and to sharing my enthusiasm and inspiration, as together we blend our passion for a healthy lifestyle and love for our children. Join us, mama! Because noone should have to do it alone.


Caitlyn Townes

Certified Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby instructor.

As a proud mama to two active littles, I am beyond excited to join Colleen and the FIT4MOM team. Fitness plays such a vital role in keeping me happy, healthy, productive, and feeling fulfilled, and I truly believe that healthy moms are the building blocks of healthy families.

Physical fitness should not just be a temporary goal but a LIFESTYLE. Taking care of yourself, both body and spirit, is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your kids. It is incredibly motivating to me to remember that “little eyes are watching,” and when we choose to practice healthy habits we are paving the way for our kids to choose those habits too.

I am so excited to teach Stroller Strides, as it has been my “happy place” – a place to pursue my fitness goals AND hang out with my kids, a place to connect with other mamas who know what it’s like, a place to leave life’s stresses at the door for sixty minutes while we sweat it out together, and a place to find community, encouragement, and fun.

I hope you’ll join us, mama, and let us welcome you into our special little village. We can’t wait to meet you!


Kristi Corcoran

Certified Strollers Strides and Fit4Baby instructor.

While trying to conceive I gained a considerable amount of weight and then pregnancy packed on plenty more pounds. Pre-baby I enjoyed staying fit and doing physical activities. After having my son, I felt like I had lost that part of myself. I jumped into the Body Back program where I barely survived the first 10 minutes of the first class!! I stuck with it and quickly saw results. Between Body Back and Stroller Strides, I found myself, made new mom friends, and I am really able to enjoy motherhood now!

I am so glad that I can be a role model for my son, showing him how important it is to care for your body and enjoy healthy activities. Fit4mom has been so much more than just a fantastic work out, it has been a safe place for me to grow as a mother. To say I love our village is an understatement!

I can’t wait to share my journey with YOU- join us mama!!

Stay in the know, mama!